Pro Staff

The application process for SURE-LOC Pro Staff selection for 2015 will be as follows:


Applications must be completed here before 10/31/14. The application form will be removed from the website at this time. Once the application deadline has passed, the SURE-LOC Pro Staff coordinating team will review all applicants and the selections will be made. Non-contracted Shooting Staff options will be available to all others. Every applicant will be notified of their standing by November 15, 2014 via email. Please be sure the email address you enter is correct. That is the only way we will be attempting contact. Contracts will be sent via email and due back, hand signed, by November 30, 2014. The contract year will run from December 1, 2014 through November 30, 2015.


Thank you for applying and for supporting SURE-LOC products. We wish you the best in the upcoming seasons!


John Dudley

Thomas Crowe
Jamie Van Natta
Rhonda Calhoun
Ginger Morehead
Tyler Wilson
Patrick Laursen
Brogan Williams
Jesse Morehead
Crystal Gauvin
Pat Lett
Russell Payne
Danielle Reynolds
Carli Cochran
Lynne Frady
Lucy Holderness
Mateo Venesia
April Williams
Steven Coleman
Ronda Walser

Mikko Juutilainen

Antoine Vialetay

Jim Frady
Derry Null

Bill Epeards
Tim Miller
Jake Kreck
Tipton Cook
Lee Vaughn
June Montenegro
Gary Rigney
Madonna Hasty
Butch Johnson
Laurie Leroy Watson
Dean Thornton
Becky Lou Lacock
Scott Rissinger
Tobi Rogers
Blake Kreck
Michael Anderson
Michael Cauwe
Michael Braden

Alex Bridgman
Patrick Laursen

Crispin Duenas
Robert Friedl
Ben Meadows
Cindy Steele
Gladys Willems
Andy Rikunenko
John Simpson
Virgil Massey
Lee Ford
Gene Curry
James Hasty
Dominique Genet
Ruben Ochoa
Glen Conway
Hunter Smith
Tricia Morris
Kim Rigney
Frank Burns
Charles Cooley

Geraint Thomas
Bobby McGee


Wayne Huffman
Ron West
Maxence Moine
Karie Marsh

Shane Marsh
Marco Galiazzo
Dave Duncan
Duane Poupard
Cody Draper
Ryan Greenlief
Jamie Brehaut
Ashley Wallace
Linda Lainchbury
Emory Budzinski
Brian Danforth
Jackie White
Adam Greentree
Christophe Doussot
Mike Parker

Charles Raeth
Michael Whalen